Lebanese Designers

Sandy Tabet, a beauty queen to an exquisite jewelry designer!

Her first dream came true at 22 and was crowned as Miss Lebanon in 2016. Sandy Tabet dreamt bigger and succeeded in launching her own jewelry brand that carries her name while keeping the beauty standards she always set high for herself.

Sandy Tabet Jewellery is made using exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones set in 18-karat gold. The pieces are practical to mix and match and are wearable casually during the day and formally during the night. For the love of precious stones and gems, Sandy’s below collections were launched to show the real meaning of a sparkled fashion forward jewelry that is suitable for a day to day and fancy eye-catching looks.


The first collection of Sandy Tabet jewelry was the “Black Diamonds”, inspired by the elegance reflected in back color. Every piece has been scrupulously designed, handcrafted and ornamented with delicate black diamonds.


Another of Sandy’s amazing collections is the حروف   collection with its trendy and elegant styles, handcrafted in natural pearls and round diamond pieces. Those letters can be customized in your own shape of pearls and diamonds to meet your desire.


Festival Collection from Sandy Tabet jewelry is the latest collection launched and considered to be the most lively, glamorous and elegant pieces, handcrafted with multicolor sapphire stones and diamonds. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earring with several shapes and designs can be matched for a full radiant, shiny and a breath-taking look.







Each piece is unique by its colors, her shapes, her movements and elegance.

  • Flip ring & flip pendant: The reversible flip ring and pendant are the pieces of endless possibilities! Created to suit your style, the ring/pendant with 2 customizable sides for your own choice of colored sapphires.
  • Roulette pendant: We can call it the happy roulette necklace, glamoured with multi-colored sapphires.
  • Rotate ring: This brilliant design with multicolored sapphires will make you more charming and eye-catching.
  • Spinner ring: Spin freely, smooth and comfortable – Since it is a multicolored sapphire, you can spin it on the side of colors you like the most.
  • Choker & Bracelet piece: We even have pieces as our latest chokers transformable in bracelet. So you will benefit from 2 pieces in 1.

Many more styles and designs can be found on their official website: festival collection – sandy tabet (sandytabetjewellery.com)

Sandy Tabet Jewellery has been recently introducing her latest pieces at the below exhibitions:

  • Jewellery Arabia Exhibition in Manama – Bahrain on November 22nd – 26th
  • Asjad jewelry exhibition in Doha- Qatar on September 28th – 02nd of October
  • Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition 2023 with Al Muftah Jewellery – Qatar on 20th till the 25th February

You can shop Sandy Tabet Jewelry through the below suppliers: