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28 Lebanese dresses shined on at the Oscars

I was telling you the Golden Globes 2018 were a modest edition for the Lebanese designers… Yeah… Our dear ‘couturiers’…

The Golden Globes 2018: a modest edition for the Lebanese fashion industry.

As we used to know, the Lebanese designers are always well represented on this red carpet. The Golden Globes 2018…

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Maalouli group organization

The Beirut Fashion Awards reveals new talents

The Beirut Fashion Awards has been created by the Beirut Fashion Week Organization in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Governor…
Fiordelli - Rod & Roy

Dresses Selection of the Designers & Brands Fashion Shows

From the 9th to the 11th October 2017, L.I.P.S. Management launched its first edition of the Designers & Brands Fashion…

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Missak HajiAvedikian

These designers who spread positive vibes and craziness

The Middle East is rich in young fashion designers full of creativity. They have this power to spread positive vibes…
Jean Louis Sabaji

Les Créateurs Orientaux sont aussi tournés vers le futur !

     Il y a quelques jours, au travers d’une discussion officieuse avec une assistante de rédaction mode d’un magazine français,…

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L’intelligence artificielle et la mode

Qu’est-ce que l’intelligence artificielle ? « Ensemble de théories et de techniques mises en œuvre en vue de réaliser des machines capables…
Black Lather Pan

W Store: My Last Shopping Crash

“La Parisienne” is so complex. She’s sophisticated and simple, sleek and glamorous, never “comme tout le monde” and always far…