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W Store: My Last Shopping Crash

“La Parisienne” is so complex. She’s sophisticated and simple, sleek and glamorous, never “comme tout le monde” and always far from the show off.

Have you ever take the time to look at her? If not, you will tell me “Parisians are black clone”. If you ever have stopped 1min on her look, you certainly noticed these small details that transform her entire impression.

As a pure Parisian, it is always a challenge to find my style in Lebanon: this style where simplicity and a one shot of craziness necessary meet. You can easily find it in luxury French brands in Down Town but when you’re a fresh graduated and your budget is a Zara budget, your main force is your motivation.

That’s why I will try to share with you my convenient trendy places do find this International Parisian look.

This week, let’s have a look on W Store outfits. This duplex store is in Zalka. Prices are similar to Zara and they have all this chic and stylish looks that you find on the most popular Instagramors pages.




W Store 

W Store logo

Opening Hours: 10AM – 8PM

01 877 120

Address: Zalka, Lebanon


Photo Credit : Rod & Roy Photography 



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