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The Beirut Fashion Awards reveals new talents

The Beirut Fashion Awards has been created by the Beirut Fashion Week Organization in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Governor of Beirut, Beirut Municipality, Universities and European Embassies in Lebanon. The objective is to provide international exposure for young fashion designers.

On November 4th, 2017, 2 students from each university : LAU, NDU, AUST, ESMOD, CAMM and Academy of Fashion & Design presented their collection to a jury made up of public figures as H.R.H. Queen Zaynab and the French designer Eymeric François.

The first, second and third winners will take advantage of a scholarship to Paris, Milan and Brussels and the financial help of the international Lebanese Designer Robert Abi Nader.

This year, Joya Haddad, LAU student won the competition with her collection Blood Orchid SS18.

Today, different organizations try to stand Beirut among one of the world’s leading fashion capitals after Paris, New York, Milan and London.


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