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The Best “COPY PASTE” Fashion Design

We used to know that fashion design is an eternal cycle. Some designers get inspiration from the big names as Christian Dior, Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent… In this case, when time is gone and innovation is added to the original model, we like it, we love it! The problem is when they just “copy paste” a previous collection. We have the feeling that they ripped us off.

What about the law?

The Haute Couture and luxury brands suffer from the counterfeits or the imitations but to some extent.  They protected their name by their logo which is protected by the trade mark law.

However, the young designers don’t have a huge reputation and are forced to rely on their sales. So when a brand copies one of their models it steals the entire work of the young creator and customers don’t even realize what they are buying.

The not-concretized ideas are not protected. Indeed, it is not possible to protect a design, a model, a style or a manufacturing processes. The protection can only be apply on a specific object. The difference can be evaluated by a comparison “point by point”. A single distinctive element can be enough to justify the imitation. Most of the protection requests of industrial fashion models concern accessories because of the important income source. The protection is applied for 5 years. The creators consider that it is not an efficient solution. They prefer to dedicate their time and their money to create new styles.

Let’s have a look on some Lebanese Designers dresses. But be sure, it happens in each country. Sometimes it’s a pure imitation and sometimes it’s only an inspiration because of the current trend.


What about these? Give me your opinion. I feel like it’s an inspiration… or a trend.


Marie for FashionAdresse


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