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When fashion meets technology

We used to know fashion as Haute Couture and fast fashion. In fact, several fashion designers works on new technology into the textile industry.

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  1. Gaze activated dress : (no)where (now)here, Ying Gao

Ying Gao created these 2 dresses with photoluminescent wires. The concept is based on the eye-tracking. This technology is based on the human gaze activation.

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  1. Heartbeat dress : Intimacy 2.0, Studio Roosegaarde

This dress is based on high-tech garments made of opaque smart e-foils. It becomes increasingly transparent when heartbeats increase.

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  1. Weather interacting jacket: Air, The Unseen, Lauren Bowker

This jacket interacts according to the weather. The liquid crystal of this outfit responds to friction.

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  1. Emotion sensing dress : Skin Dress, Bubelle, Philips Design

This dress has been created to reflect the emotions. The first layer of this prototype is made with biometric sensors which projects emotion transcribed by colorful lights.

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  1. Paparazzi Lover, Ricardo O’Nascimento:

This dress is made with 62 LED lights that are sensitive to camera flashes. It lights up when it is photographed.

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  1. Smoke dress, Anouk Wipprecht & Niccolo Casas :

The Smoke Dress is a 3D printed pieces designed for the Electrified Volkswagen collection presented at the IAA in Frankfurt on September 2013. It is made with a micro-controller-based, battery-driven sensory system that releases smoke if it detects people invading your personal space.

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  1. The Snake dress, 3D Printing, Iris van Herpen:

Collaborating with Neri Oxman and Julia Koerner, Iris van Herpen creates these unusual pieces with 3D printing technology.

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